Things You May Not Know About Your Bed


Your bed is your sleeping sanctuary. Its properties are the ones that can make or break your most awaited sleep at the end of the day. As such, you need to know as much as you can so that you may ensure that you are sleeping with the best bed possible. Furthermore, wouldn’t it be interesting to be the bed-expert in your group of friends?

There are people who are extremely afraid of beds. This condition is likewise called clinophobia

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How a Bad Mattress Ruins Your LIFE

Despite getting the full eight hours of sleep that your body deserves, you may still end up feeling tired the next morning. Perhaps you happen to wake up several times every night and have problems going back to deep slumber. The problem might be your bad mattress and your refusal to replace it. Here are some of the dangers or health risks of sleeping on a bad mattress.

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Great Hacks to Make Your Bed More Comfortable

When it is freezing out there and going outdoors is just not an option, one would normally stay in bed and keep cozy. As such, it is important to keep your bed cozy as it could and help you achieve the best relaxation experience. Your bed may be likewise be cozy and comfortable as it is, but you might be missing out on it from becoming more ideal for your sleep and other bedtime activities. Here are some tips on making your bed more comfortable or cozier.

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Mattress Warranties for Dummies


Mattresses, especially the more expensive ones, have warranties that may be used to attain the best experience while sleeping. However, many fail to have their supplier honor the warranty due to many reasons and end up having to deal with defective and uncomfortable mattress. This is honestly disappointing since you would expect a great experience from a mattress, but can end up having to worry at night and end up having a disturbed sleep cycle.

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Is a Night Divorce Good for the Relationship?

As many should know, sleeping with your significant other or SO can be a bit problematic. This is because your SO may move around too much or make a considerable amount of noise that can hinder you from getting the best sleep possible. Furthermore, you and your partner may also have different preferences when it comes to your beddings or mattress. As such, some couples would prefer to sleep apart. However, can this practice be good for the relationship or make couples drift from each other?

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